Mother Earth's Treasure, Brazilian Babassu Oil

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M.E.'s Moisturizing Cream is a powerhouse for smooth, soft, hydrated skin. Let's talk about one of its ingredients that you are bound to fall in love with: Sustainable Babassu Oil.

Babassu Oil comes from Babassu Palm seeds, which grow in the Amazon in Northeastern Brazil. The seeds are harvested by local women who collect nuts and extract kernels at the same time as looking after their children and homes. The babassu palm is a vital source of income for the approximate 400,000 women who live on the edge of the jungle.

Babassu oil is rich in vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, that helps produce new collagen and protect the collagen you already have from free radical damage. This wonderful vitamin keeps skin supple and smoothes out fine lines. 

Babassu Oil also contains the anti-inflammatory lauric acid. Lauric acid has been cited as having a profound affect on fighting acne. Babassu Oil will not clog pores and is great for soothing inflamed skin. 

Some practical applications for Babassu oil are for treating: eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, plant rashes, and bug bites. Vitamin E helps promote cell regeneration, so Babassu Oil can also be used to treat shallow cuts, chapped lips, cracked cuticles, mild burns, and irritated skin.

Scalp conditions such as dandruff and skin irritations can benefit from a daily Babassu Oil treatment, reducing redness or inflammation and deeply conditioning and moisturizing both hair and scalp.

As you can see, Babassu Oil does amazing things for your skin, and the ladies who work hard to harvest the oil, are able to make a living for themselves and their children. It's not only an inspiring story, but a testament that by using what Mother Earth gives us, our bodies can heal and stay healthy. 

Each ingredient at Mother Earth Soapworks has a specific purpose and benefit for your skin. Every little piece of our products, make a big, lasting difference in your skin. This is our passion!

Our Moisturizing Cream with Shea Butter and Babassu Oil will keep your skin hydrated and supple while protecting your skin from further damage. We think you might agree, it's one of the best things we make @MotherEarthSoapworks.  


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