Summer Bugs are Upon Us

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 Everywhere you go this summer people are talking about bug bites. Whether you are working outside, gardening, farming, fishing, camping or hiking, this has been a big year for bugs, especially no-see-ums (tiny biting midges/gnats) and mosquitoes. 

 Mother Earth Soapworks, based in Tulsa, OK, has released a new product in 2019 to take care of those summer bugs safely and effectively. It’s an All Natural Insect Repellant Lotion that is gaining a lot of attention, due to effectiveness without chemicals, like DEET that can harm your nervous system  

"I wanted a natural product that I could rely on for my kids and I to be outside without getting bitten by mosquitos and gnats. I also wanted tick protection and to keep the pesky flies away from us. This summer I set out to create a safe and effective insect repellant, for kids and adults. What resulted has taken off faster than I could have imagined. The reviews have been phenomenal!"

Brett Dixon, Founder, Mother Earth Soapworks

M.E.'s Natural Insect Repellant Lotion goes on so smooth and easy, that even kids can safely apply it themselves. This product is a game changer for the Insect Repellant industry and for families everywhere. We can all enjoy summertime activities now with peace of mind on what's being absorbed into our skin and put into the air we breathe.

Mother Earth's Insect Repellant Lotion can be purchased at:



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