What is a Healthy Skin Microbiome? Probiotics in Skin Care

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Just as probiotics are being heralded for establishing balance for good physical health, probiotics can do the same for your skin. By using a natural soap, free from detergents, and applying probiotics consistently in a skincare regimen, your skin will maintain its natural oils and skin microbiome to help keep cells healthy and disease free. 

Says www.wellnessmama.com:

"The skin is under constant assault from environmental agents, harsh cleansers and soaps, deodorants, and even medications and cosmetics. Our obsession with cleanliness may be doing more harm than good for microbiota balance on the skin.
Like the gut, the skin is home to over a trillion organisms at any given time, including thousands of species of bacteria as well as viruses and fungi. (source) These all serve a purpose and are important for proper balance. Like the gut, when the balance is altered, it can create problems."


Mother Earth Soapworks Soaps, Lotions, and Scrubs are formulated and designed to establish healthy cell turnover, detox skin cells from chemicals, and leave in place your natural bacteria that fights against free radicals, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, and even skin diseases. 

ME's Charcoal Soap with Goat Milk (buy here) is an excellent first choice for getting started with Probiotic Natural Soap. As always, our soaps are: Paraben Free, Detergent Free, Dye Free, and Surfactant Free. You will be amazed at the difference one use can make in the overall health of your skin!

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