About M.E.

As a mother of 4 children, our Founder, Brett Ashley, had always wondered if naturally occurring, sustainable ingredients would give the same (or better) results than the toxic, synthetic ingredients used in the beauty industry today.
She wondered...is what we are using on our skin now going to hurt us in the future? Reading the list of chemicals on the back of commonly used products added to her passion. She set out to find ingredients from Mother Earth that would not be harmful to our health or planet. 

As she researched, the studies were clear. Natural ingredients are as effective as man-made chemicals in beauty and skincare! There are also natural ingredients that are more effective than synthetic and man-made chemicals. It seems that Mother Earth truly has all the answers in sustaining and beautifying the life we were created to live.

As Brett saw her family's skin make healthy changes with the products she had developed, friends began asking to use them, and they kept asking for more. Then...another realization came. These effective, natural products needed to be offered to everyone.

Everyone deserves to have amazing skin without changing their DNA with toxic chemicals. Companies who use harmful chemicals in their products are not caring for their friends and neighbors, or our Earth. Think of all of the waste these manufacturing plants dump into our water supplies, changing the very DNA of fish we eat! They need to be challenged on what they have convinced our world (in the name of profit) that needs to be used in order to have healthy, beautiful skin.

Our Founder's passion to care for others fueled her desire to challenge the main stream beauty industry. Our research and development is thorough. We use only researched-based natural ingredients that are the very best for the exact skin issue the product is addressing. We create impactful, natural skincare products for women, men and children. It is an inspiring process, knowing that we have the ability and platform in order to change the health and lives of everyone who uses our products. 

Today, as we continue to develop our product line, we invite you to try our natural products. Your skin, health and the planet will benefit everyday with less chemicals being soaked into your bloodstream and washed down the drain into our water supply. Your skin will look better than it ever has with natural products to balance your complexion and moisturize your skin.

It only makes sense. We were created naturally, and nature is the best way to care for ourselves and our planet. Anything else is only going to cause sickness and disease in our ecosystem.

The products from Mother Earth Soapworks are formulated to give you the maximum benefit from your time spent using it. Perfection is our goal every day.  For you, for your family, and for the planet.

Experience M.E., Mother Earth, in more ways everyday!