About M.E.

As a mother of 4 children, I have always wondered if what I was putting on my kids' skin was helping them now, yet harming them later. Reading the list of chemicals on the back of products never helped much either; I couldn't pronounce most of them! So, I started asking myself:
  • Can natural ingredients, from Mother Earth, be as effective without any chemicals?

I began researching, and the studies were clear. Natural Ingredients can be as effective as man-made chemicals in skincare. I also discovered some natural ingredients that are even more effective than man-made chemicals.

With my love for children and a passion for creating, I set out to formulate and  develop what is now our Baby Skincare Line at Mother Earth Soapworks. 

As I saw my children's skin make healthy changes, another realization came. All of this applies to myself too! I began creating impactful, natural skincare products for women and men, that can be used everyday, for healthy, beautiful skin. 

Each product from Mother Earth Soapworks is formulated to give you the maximum benefit from your time spent using it. From soaps to scrubs, our products are the best. Perfection is our goal every day.  For you, for your family, and for the planet.

Experience M.E., Mother Earth, in more ways everyday.


President & Founder