Farmer's Market Peaches Christmas Gift Set

Farmer's Market Peaches Christmas Gift Set

  • $32.98

A Gift Set that is sure to please friends and family this holiday season.

M.E.'s Peaches Soap is for Face and Body and has a refreshing scent that you will love whether it is the start or finish of your day. It lathers easily and goes on soft and smooth. 

M.E.'s Sugar and Shea Body Scrub contains the amazing Red Moroccan Clay, so you can use it as a body mask/scrub and hydrate while pulling impurities from pores. 

M.E.'s Shea Butter with Goat Milk Soap is a lifesaver for dry or itchy skin. 

Gift Set Includes: Farmer's Market Peaches Handmade Soap, Shea Butter Lotion with Goat Milk & Honey-8 ounces, and Sugar and Shea Butter with Red Moroccan Clay Body Scrub

You will love every item in this set!

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