Soap, Spray, and Sanitizer and Bundle

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Recommended percentage of alcohol by the CDC for sanitizer strictly followed. 

Each sanitizer batch is measured for its concentration of alcohol and is a 75% solution.

As a bonus, our sanitizer is super moisturizing and will not dry out cuticles or hands while being an amazing disinfectant. Once rubbed into your hands you will feel the difference.

Our sanitizer has zero fillers, like gel, that will dilute the active ingredients. It is a liquid, and although this is different than common hand sanitizers, it is more effective and more concentrated. Do not dilute. Safe for babies, kids and adults. 

We do not use fragrance, as many people are allergic to fragrance and we want to make this safe and effective for all people. 

Active Ingredients : Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Glycol.

Bundle includes:

1 8 ounce Bottle of Hand Sanitizer, 1 4 ounce sanitizing Spray, PLUS 1 Hand and Body Soap Bar!

Limited Quantities.